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 Story of the cherry blossom flower beginning,ep.1

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Story of the cherry blossom flower beginning,ep.1 Empty
PostSubject: Story of the cherry blossom flower beginning,ep.1   Story of the cherry blossom flower beginning,ep.1 I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 5:22 am

~Falling blossoms~

Rosy cheeks,pale skin and blonde hair would express pure beauty, and when she opened her eyes for the first time to reveal her eyes, those eyes that would be mistaken for the clearest ocean that reflected the bluest sky. Her parents were very happy with their daughter, they admired her with all their heart...They held her and loved her..What was her name though? they had the hardest time to think of anything...Though they thought of something at first, it was the first thing that they said about her. That word was "Beauty"
so they named her,"Utsukushi" which had the same meaning.

Bringing her up in a small area which included a crib, a bed where the parents lay, a odd looking clay stove with three holes as eyes and a mechanism that works as the thing to ignite the flame and a gas area which in fact was very self explanatory so moving on, there was this table in the middle of the room, probably where they sat and ate their meals or discussed family meetings or just sat there to just to be sitting, understanding that this room is very small just imagine, crib at top bed at bottom, table in middle, stove on the left. On the right was an area where they kept something of meaning, a shrine where they prayed every night before bed to their god(s).

Each day passed almost the same quiet pace, suns went down and came up, full moons came and went, and things happened that made the parents of Utsukushi grow apart in their relationship which could happen to anyone so theres a chance that it could possibly be fixed. They just stopped talking to each other due to them fighting everytime they disagreed with something. years go by and Utsukushi learns to walk,talk,play,learn and explore things, her mind was more open than most kids cause she heard things that her parents would normally fight about, and that made her think outside the box with somethings. Her hair grew to her neck and she got taller.


Sitting in her room Utsukushi looks out her window staring at the sky, she sat there for
hours just trying to prove that the sky changed colors from just looking at it for a long time, and there she was just staring real hard at the sky as it turned from bright blue to amber red then to dark dark blue. the temperature changed too. just seemed that her eyes could do anything and she figured that she could see through anything. At this moment Utsukushi should be around seven or eight or somewhere in between and she could do math and figure out some of the hardest puzzles that her dad couldn't even figure out. Speaking of her father, he had been working in the coal mines underground and that was a very dangerous task, he had the ability to channel soul drive into his hands and reverse fatigue which meant he wouldn't get blisters on his hands from using the mining tools. He was one of the best coal miners there until there was a shift in the mountain, it made rocks fall when he was working and it injured him really bad.

He had injured his lower back that rattled his spine causing minor paralysis in his lower legs, he had to stay in bed for weeks just to be able to walk again, who knew when he was going to work again. Since they all had plenty of workers, they didn't really need him back at the mines so they were all set, though his wife on the other hand wasn't very happy with him still and it seemed that she wanted him away for a much longer time. Then one day they argue and this argument was so bad and the mother was struck by the father and swore that he would pay. Sooooo the mother stayed quiet the whole day and did whatever he said then by the time that dinner came around she slipped something into his drink and he was poisoned to death.

Utsukushi watched this from her window, and not only that...Her mother took a knife to her own throat and made it a deep fatal cut, blood spewing out from her wound, gagging noises leaving her mouth, dropping to her knees, then hitting the ground hard leaving a warm dark red pool of blood only to be flowing continuously. Utsukushi just sat there and watched her life about to change and change for the worst, its never easy growing up without parents or close relatives watching over her,teaching her,loving her...It happens that there were people watching over her, just not the right people that would be considered a good influence for a 7 year old girl.
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Story of the cherry blossom flower beginning,ep.1
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