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Psychology of Writing prides itself on being a friendly and open site for writers, role-players and artists of all kind. All minds deeply involved in, or even simply abutting the edges of, creative endeavors will find a warm and flexible environment with us. One of our most popular aspects is writing and role-playing, with a community dedicated to fantastic dialogues.

There is no prerequisite beyond simply a desire to create or be involved with creators, so fear not some invisible authority demanding absolute perfection. We do not judge lest ye want to be judged, in so many eccentric words. A specialty, as our name suggests, is the psychological element of creation. What this means is that we offer personal insight into techniques as well as openly embrace insight offered. The more angles available to any work the better.

One of our more unique offerings comes in the form of articles and interviews with authors. We take a hands-on approach with our members, interacting as much as we expect interaction to occur among the artists—we ourselves are artists after all. This being said, we need you, all of you willing, witty and wondrous minds to populate our site, join and help us expand and grow into something unforgettable!

The byzantine results of search engines can seem very daunting when on the adventure for a friendly atmosphere of artists, so why search farther when joining us grants everything you could want in a forum for the creative mind?

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Psychology of Writing
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