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 Using 'Then' and 'Than'

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Using 'Then' and 'Than' Empty
PostSubject: Using 'Then' and 'Than'   Using 'Then' and 'Than' I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 19, 2011 11:55 pm

Hello everyone,

Today I shall be running through two words: 'then' and 'than'. It seems like people are using these two words incorrectly and rather frequently which should not happen as they are both very different.

Then: this word is a connective. For example, one could say 'I am going to go shopping then I will go home.' It can also be used to indicate a consequence for example, 'If you behave rudely then I am going to punish you.'

Than: this word is commonly used to compare something to another. For example, 'I think that I am better than you at playing football.'

Common mistakes to be avoided:
=> Using the incorrect words. For example, 'I think I am better then you at spelling,' or 'If you tell me your secret than I will tell you mine.'
=> Not knowing the differences between the words.

Thanks for reading!
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Using 'Then' and 'Than'
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