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PostSubject: Naruto RPG   Naruto RPG I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 10:51 am

Become your Ninja Dream
-Follow your own story
-Do anything, anywhere
-Get a job, earn money
-Own a grand house
-Buy fantastic pets
-Rank up from Beginner to Kage
-Become a worldwide legend

Be supported
-Enjoy frequent, weekly updates
-Be part of a vibrant community
-Use advanced stats for fighting
-Enjoy a live feed of updates
-Listen to the beautiful music player

Access to the most powerful weapons and armour
-Enter lotteries for epic prizes
-Join a huge clan
-Create your own legendary clan
-Win wars between foes or clans for prizes
-Take part in Epic Missions that involve everyone
-Grab the hidden Legendary Weapons

Become anyone, anywhere!
-Become a host of a Bijuu after a long journey
-Join the Akatsuki to hunt down Jinchuriki
-Become ANBU to hunt down Akatsuki

If you don't feel like following your story...
-No limits RPG is avaliable, roleplay without any limits
-Practise your roleplay skills
-Hone your skills to the highest levels
-Roleplay for special events such as birthdays, Christmas etc
-Talk about off-topic things including the latest manga

Join the Naruto RPG!
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Posts : 145
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto RPG   Naruto RPG I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 11:32 pm

Naruto RPG NRPGNewsletter

Naruto RPG Newsletter - Autumn/Winter 2011

With the return of LostLegend comes many fantastic updates!

The categories and forums may be re-arranged by popular demand. For example, the first three categories may be merged into one. This aims to make the forum shorter and thus, navigation easier while also keeping the most-used areas visible.

The Jounin and Chuunin exams are now permanently open, as you are able to join them anytime as long as you have been a Genin or Chuunin for a month. If you fail, you may re-enter in 2 weeks.

Missions have been assigned into the Mission Boards category, where anyone can make a mission and offer rewards. WE hope this will encourage others to do these missions instead of having to ask Kages all the time!

Also, the House of Terror is our Halloween event. Can you survive the horde of zombies?

Other important events to note include:
- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have been formed, and are being led by Zero
- Zabi has passed away, and Cepeda has taken over from him as Hokage
- Mu has defeated Johnny in a battle for the title of Tsuchikage
- The Great Naruto Bridge is on the verge of collapse
- Akatsuki may have gone into hiding
- The Sins and Virtues arc is over
- Birth of a New World arc begins
- The LXG is attacking Kirigakure

Thanks for reading this newsletter! I hope the rest of your stay in NRPG is enjoyable!
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Naruto RPG
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