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PostSubject: First Ever RP Posts   First Ever RP Posts I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 3:50 am

Post your first ever roleplay posts here!


"Well then." Alex sighed, lying on a fallen tree branch in the middle of the village. "funny how hardly anything grows here but you find these... random trees. As if someone didn't want nature to flourish here. Like my parents."
Looking into the dazzling sun, Alex put her hands over her eyes.
"I hate being taught, but I love performing. I've been telling that to myself over the past few years but it seems no one has listened to me."
A small lightning blast flares out of Alex's hand, causing it to tingle. Slowly, she gets up taking her hand down. A small back alley behind a few sand homes is in front of her. As she carefully walks down in, she fires small shocks of lightning into the walls on either side of her, causing small explosions.
"It looks like... I'm accurate enough... Now where's the Academy..."

After a few minutes, she realised she had missed the deadline for the Chunin Exams. What a pain. That would mean she had to wait about half a year for them to happen again. For no reason except entertainment, she looked at the Sunagakure main gate which was partially obscured by buildings from where she was.
"Should I go to Konoha...?"

Suddenly, a memory panged in her mind, brought upon by seeing the gates again. She didn't know what it was but had the hunch it was about her parents. Anger boiling up inside of her, alex quickly set off for a deserted area of Sunagakure.

When Alex was sure no buildings surrounded her within fifty meters and only sand lay beneath her feet, Alex rose her hands gently, lightning flaring through her fingers.
She tossed her hand to one side angrily as blue lightning flared through the air. The lightning struck a stone monument, causing it to explode into smithereens. Slightly shocked and dazed but still angry, Alex slammed both hands on the sand and a large lightning wall rose in front of her. Leaping through the lightning wall, Alex took her chakra from it and a lightning pulse exploded from her into another stone momument.
The stone momument disintergrated.
Alex just stared. That monument was a gravestone for her uncle. It was amazing how the ground beneath her hadn't been affected by the sudden useage of lightning but stone had nought but vanished.
Stepping gingerly over to it, Alex gathered up the small fragments that remained and piled them on top of each other.
"At least it looks like the real thing." Alex joked, seeing the small pile of ash where the monument lay.
Looking at her hands, Alex realised she had untapped power. Perhaps even Rock Ninja would have to succumb to her someday?

But her parents were an issue.
That scroll she had found in their room... No. She wasn't to think about it. It was a distant memory, perhaps even a lie.
And how long until they noticed it was gone?
She looked at the scroll poking out of her Ninja trouser pocket but looked away again. It was going into her Jounin Jacket when she came of that rank and would be given to the first enemy that destroyed it.

Alex let out a huge sigh.
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First Ever RP Posts
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