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PostSubject: Angel   Angel I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2011 1:18 pm

I open my eyes
And look to the skies
And what do I see
An angle flying to me
It was you wasn't it that time
Using that soft voice
And speaking in rhyme
Spreading the message of the divine
I hope I will be fine
It does not happen often to me
That an angel finds me
I traveled the world
But couldn't find the word
That describes your beauty for me
When you looked at me
With the eyes blue as the sea
Your red hair is a sign
That you are truly divine
For some reasons I can't see
You felt in love with me
I thought about it for years
Why would you waste any tears
On a mortal being who can't even sing
I felt in love with the angel too
And I can see her blue eyes
Looking from the skies
Looking at me and the words misery
Trying to save me
Helping me establish liberty
Freedom is her goal
For it she would give it all
I am always along her side
Watching her spread her wings wide
Flying into the sky
Trying to say goodbye
But I don't even get to try
I see her cry
Letting her tears drop out of the sky
Our love meant to be
But tricky is our destiny
I wish I could fly with her in the sky
Oh how I wish to look her in the eyes
Those clear blue eyes like ice.

Written By[url=] Srdjan Solkotovic(Shole)[url]
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