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 The Spectral Beast

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The Spectral Beast

The howling winds echoed throughout the log cabin. Whatever glass was left in the smashed windows shuddered as the wind beat against them, creating a menacing sound. 
"Will we ever make it out of here?" One of the children gasped as the wind and snow blew through the empty gap. Her long, fair hair dipped over her forlorn face as she hoped for rescue. 
"No." Replied the father, who was shielding his daughters. "Because the Garmond is out there, and it's coming for us."


"So what is the Garmond?" One of the scouts asked, adjusting his scouting cap. "It sounds like some sort of feral beast that feasts on blood, if you know what I mean." 
The scout in question was young and inexperienced. He had never been on a hunting trip with the rest of the group before, but he knew the basics. Find a rumour, go into the woods, prove or disprove the rumour and get out.
"We don't know exactly. From what we've heard though, its something like the Yeti." The scouting leader replied back, ticking off a list of names on his board. He observed the 10 scouts he was going to bring with him on his journey. The leader was very experienced, having disproved twenty rumours and proving two.
"Right, we're ready! Let's go!" He exclaimed, bringing the bag around from his back to his front to put the clipboard into hit. He then re-adjusted it onto his back and set off into the woods behind him, the 10 scouts following.

The next few hours were dark and uneventful. It wasn't long before the scouting leader had to bring out his torch to be able to see among the trees. The moon was partially obscured by clouds.
"Be careful, and tell me if you see anything dangerous." The leader instructed as the group reached the snowline. This was the point in the country's geography where the land became so cold it snowed when it was in season. It was this way because air currents thawed the snow before it fell onto the warmer areas of land.
The scouting group stopped and turned around to heed the question of one of the scouts. But there was no-one there.
"Huh. Probably just the wind." The leader shuddered. He thought he had heard something and from the actions of the rest of the group, he thought they had too. He continued on, his feet starting to crunch in the ever-thickening snow. 
There was a loud scream!
The group span around, meeting the gaze of a large, hairy creature that towered over them. It was mostly featureless, with no eyes visible under the mass of hair. It bared its huge, yellow fangs, blood dripping off them. Its claws were raised in front of its chest, bloody remains of flesh visible.
The scouting leader trembled, almost stumbling over his weakening feet.
"That's the Garmond."
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The Spectral Beast
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