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 The Conifer Forest

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The Conifer Forest
Chapter 1
"Yes, I checked there earlier and it's fine!" Eric spoke through the phone with one of his friends - Jordan, while running downstairs in the stairwell of the apartment building. "Now if you still want to come, you'd better be ready. I'll be there in five minutes!" Eric hung up his mobile phone, dropping it inside his jeans pocket. He ran outside the apartment building only stopping for a second to look left and right to find his DJ-6 Jeep.
While walking quickly towards the jeep, Eric dug one hand into the same pocket he had mobile phone in taking out the car keys.
A few minutes later Eric's jeep stopped by Jordan's house, Eric, without waiting, immediately pressed the horn twice and soon enough Jordan, holding his backpack on one shoulder, ran outside of the house door shouting: "Bye mother, father!"
He quickly ran toward Eric's jeep jumping in the passenger's seat next to driver's seat. Taking the backpack off from his shoulder, Jordan threw it on the back seats.
"Alright, let's go!" Jordan said and Eric hit the gas to pick up their next friend.
There were two more - Karen and Selena.
Eric was the most adventurous from group. He was skinny, had short, dark brown, spiky hair and usually wore jeans with a denim jacket. Jordan - unlike Eric - was a bit more muscular with medium length, blonde hair. He also enjoys wearing jeans but he would rather wear a t-shirt. Karen also had medium length, blonde hair, except more straight than Jordan's. She was short, had pretty pale skin but she was less skinny than Eric. Karen also had jeans but she insisted on wearing a bright blue jumper. Finally - Selena. Very long, straight, brown hair, thin body. Unlike the rest of the group, her skin had much more tan than others. she wore very tight jeans and a long sleeved black shirt.
After picking up the last two friends of the group, all four drove a few miles before reaching their destination. It was a thick, dark conifer forest. There was only one sandy path leading inside the forest, which was the one Eric, Jordan, Karen and Selena took to get inside. After a few minutes of driving, they finally reached the end of the path. Eric stopped the Jeep and turned the engine off. He dropped a glance on the forest that was currently around him taking a moment to think.
"So, let's go?" Jordan said turning around and grabbing the backpack from the back seats where Karen and Selena were now sitting. "Definitely!" Eric spoke, also grabbing his backpack and jumping out of the jeep, putting his car keys inside his jeans pocket. The both girls also took their stuff and stepped out of the Jeep.
Karen had a funny feeling go past her skin as she walked up to Eric: "Are you sure we won't get lost?"
"Don't worry about it, we will set some kind of sign on some of the trees we pass by. All we will need to do then is follow them!" Eric spoke with a confident voice before starting to walk forwards leaving the Jeep here. Everyone else followed him like scouts to a scoutmaster. After all, this will be just a small camping trip.
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The Conifer Forest
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