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 Captain Blackbeard

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PostSubject: Captain Blackbeard   Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:13 am

The man opened his eyes slowly. He could not see very well, it was dark. As his eyes got used to the dark, he noticed that he was looking at a plank of wood. He was facing a wall, a wooden wall. He turned over slowly, still confused about where he was. he heard a loud cough and a scream. He looked around him to see bunk beds all across the room. It was not only that there was something else...he felt as if he was....moving. He was, he was tilting back and forward all the time. He had no clue why..
"Out you get ya scurvy dogs! Captain wants a word with you all, NOW!"
He ran towards the man who shouted and about 20 others did to. They were captured on a pirate ship. That alone was certain.

Blackbeard finished his grape and rolled it around in his mouth slowly before swallowing it. He knew he had new friends to see too

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Captain Blackbeard
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